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*Water buffalo milk (pasteurized).


Did you grow up drinking carabao’s milk? Even pouring some on your mainit na kanin (steamed rice) at meals…? For those of you who did, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! And I know you miss it too…


You can do that AGAIN in the very comforts of your North American home, while supplies last! 🥛


8 oz. bottle.


FACT: The carabao is a water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) native to the Philippines. It is also known in Tagalog as "kalabaw." Carabao's milk is richer in flavor and is creamier than cow's milk due to a higher butterfat content and is often used in sweets and desserts, for that reason.




Carabao’s Milk & Kesong Puti ship via USPS Priority Mail Express ONLY (Overnight)

We want to make sure your milk arrived in great shape! Please let us know within 24 hours upon receipt to receive a refund or replacement. Thank you!

We understand that our products are not necessarily consumed as soon as they are purchased. If they are not, please refrigerate or freeze and reference our FAQ page for detailed information regarding product shelf life. We are not responsible for the condition of products that were not appropriately stored after receipt.


*USPS Priority Express (Overnight) has been extremely inconsistent in the past months and customers have been receiving their delivery many days later, oftentimes resulting in spoiled products. In the winter months, we will ship Carabao's Milk, but in the warmer months, we will have milk available for pick up only in Whitestone, NY, for the reasons mentioned. We apologize for this inconvenience.



Carabao's Milk

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