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*A sweet, rich and creamy, milk-based confection that originated in San Miguel, Bulacan. It is one of the most beloved Filipino candies for both young and young at heart!


If you love pastillas and you have never had it made the way the gods intended - with CARABAO's milk - then you have never TRULY enjoyed the legit, the OG, the melt-in-your-mouth, Bulaceña pastillas de leche of your most lurid dreams!


FRESH and DELECTABLY SOFT, this AUTHENTIC pastillas only has two ingredients: CARABAO's milk and sugar. Rich, creamy, sweet but not too sweet... It will leave you wondering where it has been all your life.


AVAILABLE FLAVORS: Regular, Yema, Ube (Purple Yam), Ube-Filled, Langka (Jackfruit) & Dayap (Key Lime)




Pastillas de leche balls

5 oz.





We ship with ice packs in the hotter months so the pastillas will not melt. If the ice packs are no longer frozen when they get to you, it does not mean that the pastillas has gone bad. It is a milk product that is slow-cooked for a long time. Pastillas sold in stores in the Philippines are not refrigerated and are just fine. If you think you will not eat your pastillas right away, then we recommend refrigeration.

Pastillas de Leche - Made With Carabao's Milk!

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