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*Pastillas de Leche is a sweet, rich and creamy, milk-based confection that originated in San Miguel, Bulacan. It is one of the most beloved Filipino candies for both young and young at heart!  These pastillas are individually-wrapped, in bite-size sticks, for the on-the-go pastillas lover in you!


Pastillas comes in many shapes, sizes and forms. They come in balls, bite-size cylindrical shapes, sticks, bars (not really, but we offer them that way too), individually wrapped, in boxes, in jars… Different regions in the Philippines have added their own twists to our much beloved confection.


We now offer Pastillas de Leche Sticks too, for those of you who were asking! They are made from carabao’s milk moooooooo! Available in regular and ube.


40 sticks

5 oz.



Pastillas de Leche Sticks - Made with Carabao's Milk!

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